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यतो हस्तस्ततो दृष्टि


Nrityankanam – the courtyard of Dance

The Nrityankanam School of Performing Arts strives to enrich Indian culture by promoting and popularizing the performing arts traditions of India through training, workshops, and art immersions. The school currently offers regular training in Mohiniyattam.


Mohiniyattam is the lasya-rich, lyrical dance form that descends from the state of Kerala. Mohiniyattam is distinguished by its spiral line of movement and expressive acting technique. Mohiniyattam evokes tranquility from within and unfurls its grace, taking the connoisseurs to a blissful experience of 'Rasa.'


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Nrityankanam, A-402,

Purab Manor, Seegehalli, Kadugodi, Whitefield Hoskotte Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 

Pin- 560067

+91 -9632052264

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