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I feel immensely fortunate to have crossed paths with Anju, my dearest friend and Guru, who beautifully embodies both engineering and dance in her life. Witnessing her decision to transition from the IT realm to wholeheartedly pursue her passion for Mohiniyattam left me utterly inspired and deeply admiring her dedication.

As a very beginner to dance, Nritta Sadhakam course helped me understand the nuances and basics of Mohiniyattam. Beyond learning the intricacies of Mohiniyattam, this course has been a revelation about my body and inner self.

Anju's teaching methodology is a testament to her passion and dedication. She follows a systematic approach, emphasizing body strengthening and alignment which is invaluable for newcomers like me. Despite the challenges of virtual learning, her unwavering commitment to each student's progress is remarkable. 

Moreover, the Nritta Sadhakam course has gifted me the joy of immersing myself in the ethereal beauty of Mohiniyattam and its soul-stirring music. Anju's passion and unwavering dedication to this art form are beyond words. As her student, I feel incredibly blessed to be guided by such a remarkable mentor and artist.

Earlier this year the flyer on Nritta Sadhakam - the 9 month foundation course in mohiniyattom came into my notice at the same time when I dared to fulfill my dreams to learn this art form. I was much attracted to the finer movements in Kalyanikutty amma style of Mohiniyattom while watching the videos of Natanakairali artistes. And this flyer felt like a stroke of luck. Within the course structure, I could conveniently choose from the given timings each week based on my other commitments. As a guru, Anju teacher was thorough, detailed and clear; complicated adavus taught progressively from hand and feet movements, followed by body, eyes, neck and emotions. Some of us being in the mature part of our age, she would patiently teach us based on our flexibility and ensured none of us are physically hurt during the practices. The usual muscle pains were never there as she made us do simple exercise before and after the class. Personally my body became much more flexible over the months with practice. While she explained and demonstrated the adavus in cholkettu, I could clearly understand how and what a dancer should impart to the audience through the dance. I am much grateful to her for encouraging me to persist and push my limits, and in instilling the confidence to pursue further. I wish more students would find their way to her in their pursuit of learning this beautiful art form.

P Maya
P Maya
Nov 06, 2023

Anju, my beloved teacher, guide and close to heart friend is a remarkably skilled and dedicated individual. Her proficiency in Mohiniyattom dance form, is truly impressive, reflecting a deep passion for the art. She has a unique ability to make complex concepts accessible, fostering a comprehensive understanding. What sets her apart is not just her expertise but also her humility and down-to-earth nature. She creates a welcoming environment for learning, encouraging students to ask questions and explore. No one can be as flexible like Anju. Under her guidance, my skills have significantly improved, and her commitment to both the art and her students is truly commendable.

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