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Courses offered at Nrityankanam

Nritta Sadhakam: A 9-month foundation course in Mohiniyattam

"Nritta Sadhakam" is a 9-month foundation course taught at Nrityankanm. The training primarily concentrates on the Nritta (non-representational) components of Mohiniyattam, which assists a novice learner in understanding the different movement patterns of Mohiniyattam.

The course will cover the entire sequence of adavus (basic dance steps), followed by a Nritta item. Students will learn Kannu Sadhakam (Practising Eye Movements), Mudra Sadhakam (Practising basic Hand Gestures), and Thalam (Rhythm) in this session.

Who can join the Nritta Sadhakam course at Nrityankanam?

# A complete beginner in dance.
# Anyone who has previously learned dance and wants to restart.
# Anybody with an unfulfilled desire to practice and perform Mohiniyattam.


Mohiniyattam Regular Classes

At Nrityankanam, we follow a unique teaching methodology based on the "Hastha and Netra" Abhiniya that Guru Nirmala Paniker has devised. We offer systematic training in Mohiniayytam movement patterns, adavus (basic steps), mudras (hand gestures), acting techniques, and repertoire. 

The curriculum also includes basic Carnatic music training for creating music awareness and rhythm sense and Dance theory to comprehend the academic side of dance. 

Who can join the Mohiniyattam Regular Class at Nrityankanam? 

# Anyone who has completed the Nritta Sadhakam Foundation course of Mohiniyattam at Nrityankanam

#Anyone who has learned the basics of Mohiniyattam before.

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